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NATURSOY by Jeneil Biotech

Jeneil Biotech, an American company founded in 1995, has developed over the years a great experience 

Jeneil Biotech, an American company founded in 1995, has developed over the years a great experience in the field of fermentation and today is a leading manufacturer of soy products and "Enzyme Modified Cheese" (EMC) natural flavors obtained via enzymatic fermentation.


The headquarters, R&D labs and the new production plant are located in an area of ??16,000 m2 in Saukville, Milwaukee (WI).


In 2008, the company has arrived in Europe founding Jeneil BioProducts; the new production and logistics center is based in Rosenheim – very close to Monaco in Germany.


Always aware of market trends, Jeneil proposes to the European market with a line of products that combine innovation and tradition of naturalness. So, riding the "vegan" wave which is influencing the new eating habits, the company launched recently in the Old Continent the soymilk powder NATURSOY, a powder ready to use, easy to manage, useful for soymilk reconstruction.


All soy products manufactured by Jeneil are made using non GMO selected seeds grown in the USA under an Identity Preserve program. The seeds are decorticated, defatted and ground up to obtain a soybean extract that, with a patented process thanks to the use of enzymes, is standardized guaranteeing a product free of typical off-taste of soy and a given degree of polymerisation of fibers contained in it. The extract is then diluted and heat treated. The result is a liquid soy milk used for the formulation of different finished products, or subjected to spray dried, so as to obtain the NATURSOY instant powder.


NATURSOY features, from a nutritional standpoint, a high protein content of 38% and a good percentage of fiber, 11%. With regard to its use, it is perfectly dispersible in cold water; to rebuild the milk it is advisable to dilute the powder 1: 9.
For this application, the product is an ideal alternative to semi-liquids as microbiologically stable. It is effective in lowering the TPC and especially the count of the spore-forming bacteria (which cause delayed swellings to packages already on the market),  because subjected at the origin to a pasteurizing treatment. It will also greatly reduce the logistic emergencies related to semi-liquids.


It adapts to a wide range of food applications and beverages: it is good for the formulation of traditional or flavored soy milk, ice cream, creams and powder preparations.


NATURSOY is available in bags of 22,68 kg and has a shelf life of 24 months. Also included are the Pareve Kosher (Orthodox Union, New York) and Halal (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America) certifications.


The product is distributed on the Italian market exclusively by Giusto Faravelli Spa.


Benessere e salute

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